We have proven processes that enable you to evaluate & sell your business for what it's really worth.

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You can draw on our years of experience and knowledge within the real estate industry to help you achieve the best outcomes in your residential or commercial property dealings. We will assist you with the purchase and sale of your business or property, and we shall assist you with the management of your property. Our past and present clients will tell you - You can trust Kot & Co Realty. They have your best interests in mind whenever a deal is done.



We Can Get You The Price You Deserve

Have you spent years building up a business? Well we can find suitable clients that are willing to purchase your business at the price you deserve. We will guide you along the way with professional tips and advice.

Satisfied & Happy Customers

Kot & Co Realty guarantees a complete commitment to work for the best results. We are so confident in our practises that we will offer you our Expert Tips to help you along the way.